Sumner County

Detention Deputy 1 - Sumner County

Wellington, KS


Job Description


Sumner County Sheriff's Office

Pay Level 6- non exempt

Starting pay at $16.13 per hour

Position Summary

Under the supervision of the Sheriff, Undersheriff, and/or Detention Supervisor the Detention Officer I position performs duties relating to the detention and incarceration of alleged criminal violators and convicted criminals. The main responsibilities of this position include processing individuals in and out of the facility; maintaining order and security; and maintaining the proper care and well-being of those incarcerated. This employee may be required to exercise initiative and discretion when faced with emergency conditions. This work involves an element of personal danger.

Essential Functions

  • Process criminal violators in and out of the detention facility;
  • Maintains security in all areas of the detention facility;
  • Maintains the incarceration of criminal violators in a safe and constitutional method following established rules and regulations set by the department, state, and the courts;
  • Investigates suspicious conditions in the detention facility;
  • Maintains documentation of health care needs and administers medication to incarcerated individuals as directed by health care providers;
  • Transports incarcerated individuals to and from court hearings, health care facilities, or other locations as ordered by the court or authorized;
  • Completes all necessary official forms and reports as required in a timely manner;
  • Maintains proper care and well-being of incarcerated individuals;
  • Appears and testifies in court proceedings;

Marginal Functions

  • Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned;
  • Attends training seminars an classes as required by the Sheriff and Undersheriff;
  • May be required to cross train in other suitable county departments.

Position Requirements

Experience:  Detention or correctional facility experience preferred. Employee is expected to acquire the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within six months in the position.

Education:  High school diploma or GED equivalent. Must be in possession of or have the ability to obtain a valid Kansas driver’s license.

Technical Skills:  Ability to proficiently operate communications equipment, non-lethal intermediate weapons, and other related law enforcement equipment; ability to meet and deal tactfully with the general public and to communicate effectively and clearly, both orally and in writing; the ability to access, input and retrieve information from the computer.

Problem Solving:  Occasional problem solving exists. Problems involve handling the complaints and the disputes between the incarcerated individuals in the facility.

Decision Making:  Limited decision making responsibilities. Most tasks assigned are according to standard procedures or guidelines.

Supervision:  Work performance is reviewed by supervisor. Employee does not have supervisory responsibilities over personnel.

Financial Accountability: Employee is accountable for the proper recording and collection of evidence and valuables encountered in the performance of duties.

Personal Relations:  Continual contact with inmates and frequent contact with the general public, co-workers, and other law enforcement personnel.

Working Conditions:  Adverse working conditions exist relating to the operation of a detention/jail facility. Hazardous, strenuous and dangerous situations may arise in the course of dealing with alleged criminal violators and convicted criminals. Shift work is required, as is some overtime work.

Physical Requirements:  Must have the ability to maintain all physical requirements to react to the hazardous, strenuous and dangerous activities during situations that may arise in the handling of alleged criminal violators or convicted criminals. Between 5 – 10