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McPherson, KS


City Administrator

City of McPherson                                                                                   Administration Department


Under the direction of the Mayor and City Commission, the City Administrator is an exempt position under FLSA. This position is responsible for coordinating the affairs of the City of McPherson and serving as a liaison to department heads. Advising and conferring with the governing body on municipal issues and policies, promoting efficient delivery of essential and desired services. This position should possess excellent communication, organizational, managerial, supervisory, and public relation skills.


·         Fields questions, concerns, and complaints from the general public;

·         Prepares city budget and publishes, certifies, and informs governing body of financial status;

·         Arranges for annual audit of financial accounts and procedures;

·         Prepares City Commission agendas, and attends all meetings;

·         Responsible for all accounting procedures, billing, record keeping, and computer programming;

·         Makes recommendations to the governing body regarding salary scales, fringe benefits, and other employee benefits;

·         Enforces all policies and procedures mandated by the governing body;

·         Makes recommendations to the governing body regarding hiring and discipline of employees;

·         Mediates disputes among department heads and recommends solutions;

·         Supervises all non-elected employees, officers, and appointees;

·         Maintains inventory of all city property and equipment;

·         Supervises and controls purchases within guidelines established by the governing body;

·         Oversees the preparation and administration of grants;

·         Coordinates work of boards and commissions;

·         Enforces department policies and procedures.




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FLSA:                          EXEMPT

ADA:                    APPLICABLE

FMLA:                      ELIGIBLE                                   

KPERS:                    ELIGIBLE





·         Serves as a buffer between citizens and Commissioners;

·         Analyzes rates for all fee-based services and makes recommendations;                          

·         Serves as contact with constituents on environmental issues or other sensitive matters;

·         Evaluates proposals for professional services;

·         Surveys other cities regarding municipal practices;

·         Continuing education for governing body (CWSU);

·         Assists other departments as needed;

·         Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.


Experience: Six to nine years of similar or related experience is required. Employee is expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within one year of employment.

Education:  A college degree in Public Administration or Public Management, or the equivalent experience and education is required.

Technical Skills:  A thorough knowledge of all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, computers, bond regulations, budget preparation, and a working knowledge of mathematics are required. This employee must be able to operate computers, printers, calculators, telephone systems, and other office equipment. The ability to prepare reports, memos, agendas, grant applications, budgets, and other documents, to interpret data, to understand and anticipate problems, and to read and interpret ordinances, agendas, legal documents, and other written instructions is required. This employee should possess excellent supervisory, managerial, organizational, public relation, oral and written communication skills.

Problem Solving: Independent problem solving is involved in this position. This employee encounters problems with personnel issues, city investments, and concerns and complaints from the general public.

Decision Making: Independent decision-making is involved in this position. This employee makes decisions about resolving personnel issues, investing city funds, budget expenditures, resolving citizen concerns and complaints, prioritizing daily work assignments, and performing daily duties in the most efficient manner.

Supervision:  This employee works under the direction of the Mayor and City Commission. This employee exercises occasional supervision over subordinate personnel.

Financial Accountability: This employee is responsible for city resources and equipment and is required to be bonded. This employee does participate in the annual budget process.

Personal Relations:  Daily contact with the general public, subordinate personnel, and supervisory personnel, and frequent contact with the organization’s governing body is expected.

Working Conditions: No adverse working conditions exist within this position. Working in an office setting with a computer is the primary aspect of this position.

Physical Requirements: Physical activity associated with working in an office setting is required to perform the daily duties of this position.

***The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.