City of Goddard

Public Works Laborer - City of Goddard

Goddard, KS


Position Summary

Primary function of the job is to operate and maintain water distribution and sewer collection and pumping systems when required. Employees must meet the minimum requirements, conditions of employment, and be able to perform successfully, all essential duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodations. Overtime may be required to complete the task within a specific time frame or in an emergency situation.

Essential Functions

·       Operate a variety of equipment including trucks, backhoes, tractors, lawnmowers, air compressors, concrete saws, circular and quickie saws, jackhammers, electric drills, water pumps, water and wastewater pipes and appurtenances in various weather conditions, and a vac trailer.

·       Utilize a variety of hand and power tools. Upkeep and maintain utilized equipment

·       Inspect and restore equipment fluid levels including oil, fuel, water, and transmission fluid. Lubricate equipment as needed; report any necessary repairs on equipment; lockout/tagout unsafe equipment

·       Assist with excavation projects. Use probing rods to locate leaks and utility lines.

·       Collect and complete daily schedules; report daily work to appropriate staff member.

·       Maintain a safe working environment. Includes wearing appropriate safe clothing, erecting proper barricades and signage when necessary, and using equipment and materials properly

·       Interact with citizens utilizing the City brush pile. Monitor loads brought in to brush pile for improper materials

·       Perform minor building and equipment maintenance including but not limited to rough carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and painting

·       Assist in the set-up of City events such as National Night Out and Goddard Fall Fest

·       Assist in road maintenance during snow/ice conditions using sand/salt applications and snow removal with backhoes/tractors/ and dump trucks

·       Assist in the mowing/maintenance of public right-of-way and property as needed

·       Perform minor concrete repair work such as replacing sidewalk after excavations

·       Maintain city shop and grounds

·       Assist in the installation of seasonal decorations and banners

·       Assist other City employees on jobs as needed

·       The ability to be on-call at all hours of day and night (including holidays), as well as the ability to be placed into an On-Call rotation with other Public Works employees.


Water Utility

·       Perform water and sewer utility locates as requested through the utilization of the Kansas One-Call system

·       Reads water meters using electronic read system and manual reads

·       Monitors, repairs, and maintains City water wells, water tower, and adjoining grounds

·       Install new water service and fire hydrants

·       Monitor, maintain, and repair and service leaks or emergency water main leaks as needed

·       Interact with customers when performing water shut-offs and turn-ons.

·       Check City generators to ensure proper operations in case of emergency

·       Perform daily water testing

Sewer Utility

·       Provides inspection for new sewer service installation

·       Unblock, flush, repair, and locate sewer lines

·       Monitor system for sewer backups and check sewer catching systems

·       Inspect and repair sewer manholes as necessary

·       Monitor, repair, and maintain City lift stations