Sumner County

Homemaker (Full_time or Part time) - Sumner County


Homemaker I

Pay level 1- Non-Exempt

$7.45-$12.23 per hour


Sumner County                                                   Health Department/Home Health Agency

Pay level 1 – Non-exempt


Position Summary


Under the supervision of the Director and/or In-Home Services Supervisor the Homemaker I position involves the performance of basic household tasks and limited personal care duties such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry and minimally assisting with bathing and ambulation in the home for the elderly and/or disabled. Responsibilities may also include errand running, bill paying and cuing for medications\treatments. Work is subject to review by the Director and/or In-Home Services Supervisor. The employee in this position is required to have reliable transportation and a valid Kansas Driver’s License.


Essential Functions


·         Performs routine housekeeping tasks and assists in maintaining client's home in an orderly and clean manner for a healthful and safe environment;

·         Provides limited assistance to clients with personal hygiene, ambulation, skin and nail care;

·         Performs tasks as ordered by care plan from AAA or from the In-Home Services Supervisor in a timely manner;

·         Provides and promotes clients’ mental acuity through conversation and emotional support;

·         As needed will cue clients for taking prescribed medications and/or treatments and document compliance;

·         Reports changes in client condition and needs to supervisory personnel;

·         Completes, maintains and submits accurate documentation of home visits as required in a timely and neat manner;

·         Abides by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPAA) including the signing a confidentiality agreement;

·         Will use and disclose no more than the minimum amount of Protected Health Information(PHI) necessary and reasonable in performance of job duties as defined by HIPAA, state law and\or department policy whichever is stricter;

·         Will have access to the following PHI: Patient\Client demographic information, Scheduling Information, and limited Medical Reports.



Marginal Functions


·         Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned;

·         In the event of County emergency is expected to respond as necessary;

·         Attends training seminars, classes, and in-service meetings as required by the Director;

·         May be required to cross train in other suitable county departments.

Homemaker I

Position Requirements


Experience: No experience required.  Employee in this position is expected to have acquired the necessary skills and information within in six months in the position.


Education: High school diploma or GED equivalent.  


Technical Skills: Ability to deal tactfully with other persons and to communicate effectively and clearly, both orally and in writing.    Knowledge of general housekeeping principles and personal care standards. Ability to proficiently operate standard housekeeping equipment and personal care tools.


Problem Solving: Moderate problem solving exists in relation to the daily performance of duties when working in a variety of home settings with different personal styles and household resources.


Decision-Making: Moderate decision making responsibilities. Typical decision making situations involve determining the proper client care based on recognized care standards and when it is necessary to report changes in the client conditions or other concerns to the supervisor.


Supervision: Work performance reviewed by Director and/or In-Home Services Supervisor. Employee does not supervisory responsibilities over other employees.  


Financial Accountability: Employee is responsible for the proper handling of any funds and/or valuables encountered in the performance of their work. Employee is not responsible for budgetary control of department and does not participate in the annual department budgetary process.


Personal Relations: Daily contact with clients and/or the general public.


Working Conditions: Adverse working conditions may exist relating to providing personal care and in conducting client home visits. Hazardous and strenuous situations may arise in the performance of personal care duties. Adverse weather conditions may be encountered when making client home visits. Hours of work may vary with some overtime required.


Physical Requirements: Must have the ability to perform the strenuous activities that may be required in the performance housekeeping and client care duties. Between 20 – 30% of the time requires physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry or push heavy objects or persons of up to 50 lbs independently and over 50 lbs with assistance.