Sumner County

Mechanic I II III - Sumner County



Pay level 3, 5, 7

$9.01-$21.65 per hour non exempt


Mechanic I

Sumner County                                                                                          Road and Bridge

Pay Level 3 - Non exempt




    Under the supervision of the Road and Bridge Manager, & Foreman the Mechanic I

position involves varied labor intensive and operating duties. This position is responsible for and must be physically able to perform heavy manual labor all day long in all types of weather and at any hour, day or night. Must have a positive and willing attitude, and execute all work assigned as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Must be willing to teach or train less experienced personnel what you know. Ask questions if assignment is not understood.




  • Understand the provisions of the Sumner County Handbook and obey same.


  • Able to operate all hand, power, and mechanics tools.


  • Must have own hand tools.


  • A valid class A CDL must be obtained and maintained within 3 months of employment.


  • Ultimately able to operate all types of road & bridge construction equipment.


  • Public Relations: All staff members are public servants and should conduct themselves as such.


  • Of good character and ability to get along with others.


  • SAFETY: It is our responsibility to reduce or eliminate unsafe acts which cause or have caused personal injury, property damage, or fatalities within Sumner County or other places designated as a workplace.


  • Must attend weekly Safety and Equal Opportunity meetings directed by immediate supervisor.


    Marginal Functions


  • Be willing to work with or transfer to other crews as deemed necessary by the Director


  • Other duties as may be assigned.





    Mechanic I

    Position Requirements


    Experience:  Minimum two years or acceptable combination of education and experience.


    Education:  High school diploma, or equivalent in experience.


    Technical Skills:  Knowledge or mechanics tools & equipment, required to do daily work.


    Problem Solving Skills:  Must utilize all elements-mechanical, physical and fiscal to

    accomplish the best results.


    Decision Making Skills:  help in devising a plan of action for each project to reach the best end result.


    Planning, Scheduling, and Accountability:  Must be able to help plan work loads for the best end result, and be held accountable for yourself and your work.


    Human Relation Skills:  You must be able to work with others, and with the public. This may generate criticism or praise from citizens. You must be courteous and responsible while keeping Sumner County interest in mind.


    Attention to Working Conditions: Although the attention to budgetary considerations is of prime importance, the County expects the highest quality of work for reasons of safety and endurance, take precedence. Safety is an issue.


    Physical Requirements:  Must be physically strong enough to participate in day to day activities of Department. Must be physically prepared to spend much time out of doors, regardless of the weather. You may be called upon to help with snow removal 24 hours a day when it snows.