Sumner County

Chemical Applicator I- PART TIME - Sumner County


Chemical Applicator II  PART TIME

Sumner County                                                                                            Noxious Weeds

Pay level 6 – Non-exempt

$12.23 - $ 20.07 per hour


Position Summary


Under the supervision of the Noxious Weed Director, the chemical applicator performs skilled and semi-skilled manual work in the control and eradication of noxious weeds on county, state, township, private property, and railroad right-of-ways. Work involves equipment maintenance and repair, operating a variety of light, specialized equipment and performing related manual tasks. Knowledge of chemicals used for noxious weed eradication and application techniques is required. This position also involves the performance of varied accounting and secretarial duties. This position facilitates the smooth operation of the Noxious Weed Department office and assists in selling and distributing chemicals to area farmers and citizens. The application of bookkeeping principles in maintaining financial records is required. Must have a valid Kansas driver’s license.


Essential Functions


* Operates trucks, weed sprayers, pickup trucks, ATV and related equipment in the control of noxious weeds;

* Sprays infected area with chemical solutions;

* Performs job related manual tasks;

* Prepares poisonous solutions required to eradicate noxious weeds;

* Patrols designated areas in order to locate noxious weeds;

* unloads and loads chemicals off and on trucks;

* Sells chemicals to local citizens;

* Maintains spraying equipment and vehicles in good operating form;

* Completes proper work reports and forms;

* Mechanical duties/ Maintenance and repair on all spray equipment and vehicles

* Assists with monthly and year end inventory;

* Types a variety of forms, correspondence, transactions, statements and other general or technical materials;

* Files correspondence and records;

* Performs receptionist duties;

* Prepares records of daily tabulation and reports of cash receipts and disbursements;

* Prepares data for posting to individual accounts of receipts and disbursements;


Marginal Functions


* Performs other duties as deemed necessary or assigned.

 Chemical Applicator II – Noxious Weeds

Position Requirements


Experience: One to three years chemical application experience, helpful. Employee must have acquired the necessary information and skills within one year in the position.


Education: High school diploma or GED. Within one year of employment, employee must obtain Commercial Applicator Certification (9A & 6).


Technical Skills: Technical knowledge of equipment calibration, chemical formulas, mapping, and the chemical application used to eradicate noxious weeds. Ability to operate trucks, pickups, sprayers and ATV. Ability to maintain and repair all spray equipment and vehicles. The application of bookkeeping principles in maintaining financial records is required. Ability to operate office related machines, as well as PC bases software systems.


Problem Solving:  Must be able to determine best method for performing the assigned task. Decisions made in this position include judging the types of chemicals to use and the best time for application.


Decision Making: Some decision making responsibilities. Must be able to determine factors and environmental elements which may cause problems with chemical spraying.


Supervision: Work performed is occasionally reviewed by supervisor. Employee does not have supervisory responsibilities over personnel.


Financial Accountability: Employee is not responsible for budgetary control of department. Employee is accountable for proper record keeping of chemical sales and fees collected. Employee deposits department income and distributes receipts to proper funds.


Personal Relations: Employee is in frequent contact with county departments and continual contact with the general public.


Working Conditions: Extreme weather conditions and toxic fumes are factors in this position. Working with hazardous chemicals.


Physical requirements: Must be capable of physical effort and manual labor. Must be able to lift 70lbs.