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The Haysville Police Department will transfer from KPERS to KP&F retirement starting January 1, 2023

The City of Haysville is a community of approximately 12,000 people located just south of Wichita in South Central Kansas. We are currently seeking qualified applicants to fill the position of Police Officer. When fully staffed we have 26 sworn law enforcement officers, an Animal Control Officer, and six Records Clerk staff on three shifts. We have multiple specialty assignments within the department including the Wichita DEA Task Force, K-9 Unit, Bike Patrol, School Resource Officer and Community Policing. We have an Investigations Section staffed by a Lieutenant, a Detective Sergeant, a certified Computer Forensic Analyst, and three detectives.

TYPE: Full Time

SALARY: The starting wage is $20.25 per hour. After six months of employment and the successful completion of your KLETC training and certification, you will receive a step increase to $20.86 per hour.


The Haysville Police Department prefers officers who are KLETC certified. We will consider sending the right non-certified candidate to KLETC for training and certification if the opportunity presents itself. A high school diploma or GED is required. An Associates or Bachelor’s Degree is preferred. Employment is contingent upon passing an initial interview with a member of the command staff, oral board interview, polygraph exam, extensive background investigation, physical, drug, and alcohol screen, and psychological testing.

Haysville PD Disqualification List:

During the Haysville Police Department application process your background will be closely examined. Review the following background “disqualifiers.” If you think that any of these apply to you and you have questions, please call the Haysville Police Department, Investigations Section (316) 529-5912, for clarification, or for more information.


·         Must satisfy all requirements as set forth in Kansas Statute 74-5605b.

·         Must satisfy all requirements as set forth by the City of Haysville.  

·         If military service has been rendered your DD214 must reflect a separation code and an Honorable Discharge or a Discharge under Honorable Conditions.

·         Applicants may be eliminated from the process if they have not fully disclosed ALL information requested.

·         Applicants WILL be eliminated from the process if they have falsified, intentionally misrepresented, or have not been completely truthful on a questionnaire, document, or application as part of the pre-employment process.


Applicants will be permanently disqualified for the following if:


·         You have been convicted, expunged, or received diversion on any state, municipality, or federal misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or its equivalent under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

·         As an adult or juvenile (17 years old or younger), you have been involved, convicted, expunged, or on or after July 1, 1995, been placed on diversion by state or federal government for a crime which is a felony (includes sale of illegal or prescription drugs) or its equivalent under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

·         You have used any felony level drug or controlled substance, i.e. cocaine, heroin, opium, methamphetamine, etc.


Applicants may be temporarily disqualified for the following if:


·         You have any convictions, diversions, expungements, or involvement in any misdemeanor crimes of violence, or use of physical force or threats within the past three years of date of application.

·         You have any convictions, diversions, expungements or involvement in misdemeanor crimes within the past three years of date of application.

·         You have any convictions, diversions, expungements or involvement in any misdemeanor crimes involving morals, or weapons charges within the past three years of date of application.

·         You have used, bought, or possessed marijuana within the past three years of date of application.

·         You have been convicted of, plead guilty or no contest to, or been diverted on a serious traffic violation within the past three years of date of application. Serious traffic violations include, but are not limited to, vehicular homicide, DUI, reckless driving, hit and run, and eluding a police officer.

·         You have been convicted, taken diversion, plead guilty or no contest to an MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) or MIC (minor in consumption) within the past twelve months of date of application.    

·         You are currently charged with, under indictment for, or on probation for any criminal activity other than minor traffic violations.

·         If you have previous law enforcement experience, you must not have a sustained violation of dishonesty to include but not limited to, lying, falsifying reports or documents, illegally obtaining narcotics, courtroom testimony/credibility.


This list is not all inclusive. An applicant may be disqualified if the totality of their overall conduct or character demonstrates an undesirable behavior pattern including, but not limited to, dishonesty and/or integrity issues, motor vehicle violations, employment termination, financial problems, theft and/or a combination of such conduct or activities indicating that he/she is not suitable as a police employee.


Under the supervision of police supervisors, the Police Officer is a non-exempt position under FLSA which protects and serves the citizens of Haysville. Provides citizen assistance, enforces all federal, state, and local criminal laws, and performs patrol duties. Making arrests, issuing traffic violations, and investigating crimes and accidents are the primary responsibilities of this position. Required to reside within a 30 mile response time to the Haysville Police Department. Must maintain absolute confidentiality of information, data and records obtained through or because of employment with the City.

• Enforces all federal, state, and local criminal laws and ordinances; • Protects the life and property of the citizens of Haysville; • Makes arrests and issues traffic citations; • Performs routine patrol duties and prepares reports and files; • Investigates crimes and accidents and gathers evidence; • Provides citizen assistance and assists ambulance crews; • Responds to emergency situations; • Operates law enforcement equipment including patrol vehicles, firearms and communications equipment; • Performs building security checks; • Interviews witnesses, suspects, and victims; • Maintains department equipment; • Serves warrants, subpoenas, and other legal documents; • Testifies in court; • Conducts safety programs for the public; • Performs traffic control duties; • Follows department policies and procedures; • Follows safety procedures and practices.

• Provides security during various events; • Assists other law enforcement agencies; • Assists other city departments; • Serves as a field officer; • Performs other duties as deemed necessary.
Classification Quick View


Experience: A minimum of 12 months of law enforcement experience is preferred. The right non-certified candidate would be considered for KLETC training. Expected to have acquired the necessary information and skills to perform the job reasonably well within one year of employment.
Education: A high school diploma or GED is required. Requires certification from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. Must possess a valid Kansas Driver’s License required (or obtain within 30 days of employment). Must obtain necessary training as required by state standards to maintain certification.

Technical Skills: Thorough knowledge of all federal, state, and local criminal laws and ordinances, CPR, law enforcement techniques, and mathematics is required. Must efficiently operate firearms, patrol vehicles, computers, two-way radios, radar equipment, breath analysis equipment, and other law enforcement equipment. Must concentrate on tasks in the presence of distractions, complete and check forms and documents, understand and anticipate problems, read and interpret maps, manuals, legal documents, reports, and written instructions. Should possess excellent public relation skills, and oral and written communication skills in English. Ability to train personnel. Must maintain absolute confidentiality of information, data and records obtained through or because of employment with the City.
Problem Solving: Frequent independent problem solving. Encounters problems with domestic violence, citizen complaints, traffic violations, and criminal investigations.
Decision Making: Frequent independent decision making. Makes decisions about using force, including deadly force, making arrests, investigating crimes and accidents, and performing daily duties in the safest and most efficient manner. Decisions often made in volatile situations.

Supervision: Works under direction of a police supervisor, but does not have supervisory responsibilities over subordinate personnel.

Financial Accountability: Responsible for the safe operation of department equipment and is required to be bonded. Does not participate in the annual budget process.

Personal Relations: Frequent contact with the general public, co-workers, and supervisory personnel. Very limited contact with the Governing Body.

Working Conditions: Works in conditions that include exposure to hazardous materials, explosives, radiation, heights, excessive noise, and adverse weather conditions. Deals with the general public including those who are combative, excited, injured, upset or angry. Contains an element of risk of personal injury. Exposed to blood borne pathogens while investigating crime scenes, seizing and preserving evidence and assisting ambulance crews. Works shifts and holidays, subject to call-backs/call-ins.

Physical Requirements: Required to sit and talk or hear. Occasionally required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle, feel or operate objects, controls, or tools listed above; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl; and taste or smell. Must occasionally lift and/or move more than 100 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus. Must safely operate a vehicle.
The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.


You can apply online at Indeed and KS GOV Jobs. If you choose to come by in-person, application paperwork can be obtained at the Haysville Police Department, 200 W. Grand Ave. in Haysville. If you have any questions about qualifications you can call Lt. Kevin Sexton at 316-529-5912, M-F, 9:00am-5:00pm

CLOSING DATE: 10/14/2022